To the incredible mountain region of Peru called the Huascaran (pronounced Wa ska rarn) and explore with us the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains). This Trail Running Tour starts with the Sierra Andina Mountain Trail Events (15k/30k/50k) in the stunning Huascaran National Park, These courses run through the majestic Llanganuco Valley lakes region and traverse to Laguna 69 (4700m) the Pisco Base Camp and Paso (4900m), Portachuelo de Llanganuco Pass (4769m) and Punto Union Pass (4750m) as well as the World famous Santa Cruz trek. Running these routes through the High Andes is a truly rewarding experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. From here we leave the Huascaran region and take you to run the Peruvian Andes Trails around Cusco and the Sacred Valley while discovering the historical centre of the Incan Empire. We explore and run the stunningly beautiful trails in this part of the Peruvian Andes including the Legendary Abra Lares trail and the amazing Patacancha trail. This is a spectacular trip, starting with a High Alpine Mountain Trail Running event in a National Park around the Worlds Highest Tropical Mountain Peak region (Mount Huascaran 6786m), then visiting the World Heritage City of Cusco (3399m) and running the Sacred Trails in the Valley of the Incas before leading you to an unbelievable finish at one of the seven wonders of the world, the ancient Inca City of Machu Picchu.

Sierra Andina Sacred Trails – Trail Running Race plus Cusco/Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour:
Days: 14 Days/13 Nights
Fitness Level:  Intermediate/Advanced
Group Size: 4  to 6* runners minimum, 14 runners maximum.
Price: $3640 (USD/EUR/NZD/AUD/CAD) $260 Per Day – $2813 (GBP) $219 GBP Per Day  (everything included)

Group Discount:
10 % Discount for Group Registrations 3+ Runners. On the Booking form tell us your Group names.

Different Currency Prices explained: Resident Currency Pricing (RCP)
Pay for this tour in the country currency and economy you live and work within. We think its fair that way. We have 6 currencies (USD/EUR/NZD/AUD/CAD/GBP). If you live in North America (USA or Canada) Great Britain, Europe or the South Pacific (New Zealand or Australia) you will pay in the currency where you live. All other residents of other countries will pay the USD price. *The Tour minimum is 4 runners if bookings paid in (USD/EUR/GBP) currency and 6 runners minimum if bookings paid in (NZD/AUD/CAD) currency. If we get a mix of both that’s ok the tour will be confirmed.

This tour includes, Sierra Andina Mountain Trail Events Registration: (This includes all entry fees transport and all other logistics. (50k – $400 Sol, 30k – $270 Sol, 13k – $200 Sol)


2024 Date:
July TBC
Close off Date June 6th: Sign up for this tour with a $500 NZD deposit 

Note about Fitness levels and Training:
Its very important you prepare and train for this high altitude running tour. You should currently be able to run your chosen distance. Or within a 8 week training block build up to run your distance in the last weeks of your training.

Tour Highlights:

  • Sight seeing Huaraz, the Markets, Plaza and Museums.
  • Running remote High Mountain trails and passes in the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains)
  • Running the Sierra Andina Mountain Trail events to Laguna 69 (4700m) the Pisco Base Camp and Paso (4900m), Portachuelo de Llanganuco Pass (4769m) and Punto Union Pass (4750m) as well as the World famous Santa Cruz trek.
  • Sight seeing the World Heritage City of Cusco the historic center of the Inca Empire (including 2 walking tours).
  • Guided Tours of Cusco City ancient sites (including Qorikancha, Qinqo, Saqsayhuaman and the San Pedro Market)
  • Guided Tours of the Sacred Valley ancient sites (including Ollantaytambo ruins)
  • Guided Tours of Moray ancient site and Mara’s Salt mines.
  • 9 Running days
  • Running Epic Cusco and Sacred valley trails ( Legendary Abra Lares Trail and Patacancha Trail)
  • Soaking in some incredible mountain hot springs.
  • Hiking/Running to Machu Picchu
  • Guided Tour of Machu Picchu, the incredible ancient Inca Citadel.
  • Making a difference. A percentage of all Tour proceeds goes back to the local communities we visit. We invite you to change other peoples lives while experiencing a trip of a lifetime.

All Guided Tours are private personalized tours for just our group.

Tour Description and Itinerary:
This is a high altitude trail running trip and its important to spend some days to adapt and acclimate. So we have 4 days in and around Huaraz (3000m). The first few days include 3  hiking/running days so you ease into more activity, with a rest day before the Sierra Andina Mountain Trail events. This tour has been carefully planned in such away for you to gradually adapt and acclimatize.

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Day 1: - Arrive to Lima Peru
Runners fly in and we meet you at the airport in Lima. Regardless of what time you arrive in Lima we have a Hotel for the day for you to relax and recover from your flight. Then later that night we take a VIP bus (Sleeping reclining Bed Seats) overnight to Huaraz arriving at 7am the next day.

Day 2: - Acclimation day - 6k - 10k Run (1.5hrs approx)
Arrive in Huaraz and check into the Hotel. Welcome meeting and tour introduction with our guides, and relax. Later we take Guided walk to visit the Markets, Museums and Plaza. Then In the afternoon we do a short run just out of Huaraz  on the Cordillera Negra (Black Mountains) foothills with views of the city and the snow capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. Tonight we stay in Huaraz 3000m.

Day 3: - Acclimation day - 10k Hike/Run (3hrs approx)
This morning we awake early and have a short transfer south of Huaraz for 20 minutes and then begin the Hike/Run to Wilcacocha Lake 3600m. This is a lake in the Cordillera Negra and provides a spectacular view over the Huaylas Valley and amazing views of the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains). The easy terrain is perfect to continue our acclimatization to altitude Tonight we stay in Huaraz.

Day 4: - Acclimation day - 16k - 20k Hike/Run (4hrs approx)
Our first day in the Cordillera Blanca (White Mountains) above Huaraz. We awake early in the morning and hike and run the Lake Churup area, and parts of the Cojup Loop in the foothills of Huaraz. We then stop for lunch at the Yurac Yacu Community Cafe (Lazy Dog) and then descend further to visit the Willcauain Ancient Ruins site believed to be constructed from 600 to 900 AD. Tonight we stay in Huaraz.

Day 5: - Acclimation day - Rest Day - Race Briefing
Rest Day. Pachamanca lunch at the Yurac Yuca Cafe at midday then we have the Race Briefing between 4pm – 6pm at Trivio Restaurant in Huaraz. There will be a short presentation of the event along with information about the Cordillera Blanca and Huascarán National Park. This is where you pick up your race packet and bib number. Tonight we stay in Huaraz.

Day 6: - Sierra Andina Mountain Trail Running Race - 2 Day 90k Race day begins - 45k Runners transfer
Buses will leave from Huaraz on Saturday in waves from 3.30am through until 8am. 90k runners depart at 3.30 am from Huaraz to Cashapampa by Bus arriving at 6am. The first 45k stage starts for the 90k runners starts at 6.30am to arrive In the afternoon at Vaqueria (Max time limit 11hrs). In the evening we have a delicious dinner. 45k runners leave at 8:00 am from Huaraz to Vaquería by Bus. The bus will stop for a while at the tourist sites such as the Llanganuco lakes and Portachuelo pass. We will also have a lunch stop on the way.  We will arrive at Vaquería at 3pm, and see arrival of runners from Huascaran 90k event.

90k Stage 1 (The Ultimate Trail Run of the Andes) – (6.30am Start)

The Huascarán 90k 2-Day Stage Run will connect the Santa Cruz Trail 45k the Pisco route for one unforgettable trail run through the Cordillera Blanca. With three major high mountain pass crossings along some of the most scenic and popular trails in Huascarán National Park This 90k route is divided into two very challenging days.

This is Day 1 and will cover 45k and will traverse the famous Santa Cruz Trail, one of the best hikes in the world and one of the hidden gems of South America. It passes through the heart of the Cordillera Blanca. From the start in Cashapampa the runners will gradually climb for 27k up through the stunning Santa Cruz Valley to the top of Punta Union Pass at 4750m passing many of the 6000m peaks, flowing glaciers and crystal lakes that define the Cordillera Blanca then descend 1300m down for 18k to finish the first stage in Vaquería.

Day 7: - Sierra Andina Mountain Trail Race - 13k/30k45k/90k Race Day
Buses for the 30k/13k runners will leave from Huaraz at 4.30am on Sunday to arrive at the start in Lluraccoral – Llanganuco at 7.30am. 30k runners start time is 8am, 13k runners start time is 9am. The second stage of the 90k event starts at 5am from Vaquería. This day includes the stunning lakes and passes in the Huascarán National Park.

30k (Laguna 69 and Pisco Base camp) – (8am Start)
Steep up hills, high alpine terrain, great downhills. The Pisco 30k visits two of the most iconic places in Huascarán National Park, Laguna 69 and Pisco Base Camp, with some of the best scenery in Peru. With a steep uphill climb to the Refugio Peru, a high point of 4900m, and a 5km traverse above 4600m this is a challenging run.

13k (Llanganuco Valley and Lakes) – (9am Start)
The course is an out and back following mostly dirt roads along side the beautiful, turquoise Llanganuco Lakes with one short section of smooth single track. With very little elevation gain, you will be able to enjoy views the cascading waterfalls, flowing glaciers, and towering 6000m peaks of the famous Llanganuco Valley.

90k (stage 2) and 45k (Vaqueria to Laguna 69 and Pisco Base camp, Llanganuco lakes) – (5am Start)
The course starts just outside the small village of Vaqueria on the eastern side of the Cordillera Blanca. Climbing west up to Portachuelo 4700m then descending to Laguna 69 and climbing to Pisco Base Camp, with some of the best scenery in Peru. With a steep uphill climb to the Refugio Peru, a high point of 4900m, and a 5km traverse above 4600m before descending past the incredible Llanganuco lakes to the finish.

Prize Awards ceremony and Sierra Andina Mountain Trail party (Food, beer, and music) at finish at 3pm. Buses leave for Huaraz at 4pm and 6pm. Tonight we stay in Huaraz.

Day 8: - Rest day Huaraz - Hot Springs and Sauna caves
Today we have a well deserved rest day in Huaraz then later go to the Chancos Hot Springs and Sauna caves to soak and relax even more. Tonight we celebrate with a Dinner Party, then later we take a VIP bus (Sleeping cama seats) overnight to Lima arriving at 7am the next morning.

Day 9: - Fly to Cusco - Walking Tours
This morning we fly from Lima early to Cusco (1.15hr). Check into the Hotel and rest. Later we take in Walking tours of Cusco and sample the Cities International Cuisine. Tonight we stay in Cusco 3400m.

Day 10: - 15k - Cusco City Hills Run (2hrs approx) - Guided Tours 4hrs
We awake early and run the foothills of Cusco City including some nice single track trails and descend back to the city. Then later we have an afternoon of sight seeing around Cusco with walking and Guided Tours of Cusco City ancient sites (including Qorikancha, Qinqo, Saqsayhuaman and the San Pedro Market). In the afternoon we transfer to Calca in the Sacred Valley. Tonight we stay in Calca 2800m.

Day 11: - 32k - Run Lares - (2.5hrs approx) - Guided Tours 2hrs
We awake early and start with a transfer up a stunningly beautiful valley into the mountains to the top of the Legendary Abra Lares (4461m). This views of this area are amazing. We run the Lares trail and descend for 2hrs and finish back in Calca. From here we and then transfer and continue onto the Sacred valley town of Urubamba, we visit the Urubamba Market and have an authentic Peruvian Lunch. Later have a Guided Tour of Moray and the Maras Salt Mines with spectacular views of the Peaks of the Sacred valley. Tonight we stay in the amazing last authentic Inca Village in the world, Ollantaytambo at 2840m.

Day 12: - 15k to 29k - Patacancha Trail Run (2 - 4hrs approx) - Guided Tours 2hrs
This morning we transfer early to the top of the Yanamayo Pass (4350 m). This run follows part of the Andes Chaski Challenge race course. A total elevation loss of 1800m in 29k on the way back to Ollantaytambo (pronounced Ollan tay tambo). On the way stop at the Pumamarka Inca Ruin. Later In the afternoon we have a Guided Tour of the ancient Inca ruins here in Ollantaytambo. Then we transfer over the majestic Abra Malaga and down into the jungle region of Santa Maria 1051m. Tonight we stay in Santa Teresa and soak in the stunning Hot springs.

Day 13: - 11k Run/Hike to Aquas Calientes - Guided Tour of Machu Picchu Tour (4hr approx)
We awake early to transfer to the Hydroelectric where we then run or hike the beautiful picturesque flat 11k trail along the river and railway line to the Machupicchu village of Aquas Calientes. After lunch we visit one of the 7 wonders of the world. This afternoon we spend visiting the breathe taking Citadel of the Incas, Machu Picchu. We are guided for 2.5hrs then are free to explore for another 3hrs perhaps walking to the Sungate, or climbing Machu picchu mountain. We then say goodbye to this incredible place and take the train to Ollantaytambo and transfer back to Cusco. Tonight we celebrate with a Farewell Dinner Party in Cusco.

Day 14: - Tour ends
Morning in Cusco. Transfer to airport or other transport.

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Onward journeys: Staying in Cusco, Peru or South America?
We are happy to help and can advise you on all possible activities and destinations you want to visit.


Price Includes:

  • All Transportation and Airport transfers
  • Professional Local Peruvian guides (Bilingual Spanish/English)
  • Meals (All Breakfasts, 13 Lunches, 12 Dinners)
  • Advanced Oxygen Enhancing Nutritional Supplements and Drinks ($100 USD value)
  • Healthy snacks and hydration during the trail runs
  • Daily after run Yoga/Stretching classes
  • Beyond Andes Running Top
  • 12 nights accommodations at Hotels, Eco lodges and Luxury B+B’s. Accommodations are Twin shared – (Single Room Supplement add $330 USD)
  • 1 night camping (includes all camping equipment)
  • Sierra Andina Mountain Trail Race Registration
  • Lima to Huaraz VIP Bus transportation (return)
  • Domestic Flight from Lima to Cusco
    Other activities included:
  • Huaraz City Tour of markets and museums with Peruvian city guides
  • Guided Tours of Cusco City ancient sites (including Qorikancha, Qinqo, Saqsayhuaman and the San Pedro Market)
  • Guided Tours of the Sacred Valley ancient sites (Ollantaytambo ruins)
  • Guided Tours of Moray ancient site and Mara’s Salt mines.
  • Guided Tour of Machu Picchu, the incredible ancient Inca Citadel.
  • Cusco and Sacred Valley Ancient Ruins Tickets ($60USD)
  • Machu Picchu Entrance Tickets and Train Tickets ($60USD + $80USD)
  • Farewell Dinner Party

Not included:

    • Flights (International)
    • Insurance – Travel, Personal and Equipment
    • Hotel charges such as mini bar and phone
    • Tips in restaurants and hotels
    • Alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages
    • Any other items not listed as included

Booking and other important Info:

  • The close off date to book this Tour is TBC.
  • Bookings are open. To book this Tour please click through to fill out the Booking Form and submit.
  • Once you have submitted the form you will be redirected to pay your $500 NZD tour deposit (+ $30.25 active processing fee) by Credit Card with our secure payment system using Active Network Endurance.
  • Your reservation of a place in your chosen Tour will be confirmed by email along with other detailed information once we have received your deposit.
  • The Deposit is Fully Refundable (less any Transaction fees) if the Tour minimum bookings are not reached by the Close Off Date or the Tour is canceled or postponed due to issues related to Covid 19 and travel restrictions. We will refund your deposit within 3 weeks following the close off date.
  • We have a minimum of 4 to 6 runners to Guarantee this tour. Please Do Not Book your Plane Tickets until you have received notification from us that we have Guaranteed this tour.
  • If you cancel your booking the Tour deposit is not refundable. It is however transferable and maybe applied to other later date tours (with the payment of a $300 NZD re – booking fee).
  • This tour is for Intermediate/advanced fitness runners.  All runners are expected to train to prepare for this tour. We want you to come on this tour prepared so you will enjoy it more.
  • Insurance. You are required as a condition of booking to be insured against medical and personal accident risks. We recommend that you take out a policy once you have received confirmation that the tour is Guaranteed, which covers trip cancellation, your baggage and equipment.
  • Flight Information. We will email you flight information and recommended equipment details.
  • Full tour payment is due 1 Month before the tour.



Photo credits: Sierra Andina Mountain Trail and Antonio ‘alitas’ Juan