How do you measure passion? We have 20 years experience in training, preparing and participating in cycling events, We are Kiwis based in New Zealand who totally love South American countries, people and culture.

In 2016 to 2018:
We traveled Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia exploring and planning these tours, riding the courses and fine tuning all the details while developing relationships with our tour partners and guides in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.

Why are our tours and prices so appealing?
We have designed these tours to be the highest quality and incredible value, based on careful selection of our professional partners services and guiding, accommodation options, and every other facet of the trips. Pay for your Tour in the Country of your residence. (USD/EUR/NZD/AUD/CAD) and (GBP) (everything included)

What makes us different?
Attention to detail in all aspects of the tours.
We are cycling coaches and write personal training programs for the riders to get into the best shape possible to prepare for your trips.
We hold your health and well being in the highest regard.
We generously share the wealth of knowledge of our some 40+ years of cycling to enhance your skills as a cyclist and contribute to the enjoyment of your cycling holiday.
We partner with local tour and tourist companies and organizations in each country we promote tours.
We use indigenous local guides on all tours.
We make a difference, with your patronage we donate a percentage of all proceeds to local community groups and organizations in need, in the areas we our organize tours.

Our focus is you

Tour Director and Coach:
Anthony Mortimore
Tour Director/Organizer.
Ex Professional Road Cyclist and MTB rider with 20+ experience.
Coaching Cycling since 1998.
Avid bike packing cycle tourist having toured through these countries (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Holland, Belgium) over the last 15 years.

Our Tour Partners and Guides
We are working with some established and very professional tourism companies in Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. They are supplying all our transport logistics and guides. Our cycling and trail running tours have been co-designed with their expertise and knowledge.


Our Tour MTB / Gravel Bike and Trail Running Race Event Partners: